Who we are

The Company, Culture and Mission

Mugel Travel is a group of professional Tour Operators who specialize in the casual traveler, tour groups, event planning, student study groups and wedding planning throughout Italy.

Founded in 1995, our staff shares more than 20 years of experience representing major international tour operators and are able to satisfy a multitude of special requests.

We are proud of our versatility and creativity in developing the perfect tour for you and for your clients.

Our ability to work directly with transportation companies, experienced multi lingual local tour guides, museum staff and restauranteurs allows us to create personalized care for all of our guests.

We strive to reply to any inquiries within 24 hours of contact and are dedicated to personalized attention as we attend to every detail of the guest itinerary. While your guests are in Italy our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any needs they may have.

The experience gained over the years by Mugel Travel has allowed us to evolve into a company that assists 15,000 guests annually on unique worldwide travel experiences.

Our mission is to provide new meaning to travel in Italy, as we seek new and meaningful partnerships in the world of travel excellence.