Great Italy Family Tour

8 days / 7 nights

Rome, the Parks of Collodi, Florence, Venice, Milan

Day 1 – Arrival

Visit to the City of Rome

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY - Rome is an open-air museum, a treasure haven and a dream for every traveler.
Thanks to the City Sightseeing tour you will be able to admire the "Eternal City", and the main places that made it immortal, comfortably seated.
Possibility to be accompanied by an Authorized Tourist Guide, with which you will discover the famous "Salotti Romani" or the most famous Piazze of the City: Piazza di Spagna, dominated by the Church of Trinità dei Monti, Piazza Navona with the Fountain of the Four Rivers, baroque masterpiece of Bernini and the elegant church of Sant'Agnese del Borromini and Piazza del Popolo, without forgetting along the route the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and St. Peter's Square.

In the afternoon visit of the Colosseum. There are few historical sites in the world that spark the imagination like the Colosseum. With a rich history of emperors, gladiators, lions and mock-sea battles – there is something new and fascinating to discover at every turn! Our friendly guide will enthusiastically narrate the history of the Colosseum through stories and anecdotes about the brave men who fought here and the emperors who ruled them, creating vivid pictures of the past.

Day 2

Visit to the City of Florence

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY - With the City Sightseeing Tour, you will be able to visit the "Cradle of the Renaissance" from a privileged point of view, with the opportunity to get off and go back to the "Red Bus" to be lost in the streets of the center and closely medieval and Renaissance views of the city.
You will always be accompanied by an Authorized Tourist Guide that will reveal the secrets of the most famous monuments in the city: the Cathedral (famous Brunelleschi dome), the Baptistery (the door of paradise), St. Mark's Square, the Old Bridge and the Lungarni.
With your guide you will be able to book the Uffizi Gallery, the Academy or any other museum you are interested in. Treat yourself to a close encounter with this fascinating city, understand and appreciate the background and context, its importance in history, thanks to the professionalism of our experienced guides.

Day 3


Visit the Pinocchio Park in the hamlet of Collodi, Pistoia. A place inspired by the book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Lorenzini as "the Collodi. "!

Visit the historic Garzoni Garden: example of the Illuminist Garden built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. shaping the wild nature for transform it into a real artistic monument!

Visit the Butterfly House where you can walk and admire the wonderful butterflies free to fly inside this modern green house built entirely of glass and stone.

Day 4

Visit to the city of Viareggio, Pisa and Lucca

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY Viareggio is a very nice city in Tuscany, in Versilia in the province of Lucca. The town is known for the seaside tourism, for fishing, for floriculture and for the Carnival.
The wagons of Carnival are the largest, more exhilarating and moving in the world, they travel along the seafront promenade; the main theme of this event has always been satire, political and social.

Visit to the Cittadella del Carnevale the biggest and most important Italian thematic park dedicated to the masks.

Lucca and Pisa are two of the most important cities historical landmarks of Tuscany, the main milestones of the tourist visiting this region. In this tour you will be wrapped up by the history and traditions of two nearby Tuscan towns but at the same very different.
A charming Tuscan landscape will frame yours day, spent in complete relaxation accompanied by our authorized guide. The beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli is considered to be one of the most fascinating monumental complexes in the world, which we can visit (optional) even with access to the Pendant Tower without waiting at the entrance. By climbing the 296 steps of the Tower a breathtaking panorama will open in front of you. A unique perspective for your photos memory of the city. Not suitable for children under 8 years.

The old town is it can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot from Piazza dei Miracoli and reaching it Piazza dei Cavalieri, once a political center of medieval Pisa. It was Cosimo I to found the sacred and military order of the Knights of St. Stephen and still here today they see the palaces dedicated to them: in particular the Caravan palace, with Giorgio graffiti Vasari by fascinating meanings, today hosts the "normal upper school".
Walking up to the "lungarni" open wonderful wonders where, with the expert eye of a guide, you taste the medieval Pisa.

After the city visit, stop in a restaurant with typical Tuscan menu.

We continue to Lucca, a refined art city of Renaissance style surrounded by walls interrupted by beautiful gates and bastions. Begin with a beautiful ride along a stretch of city walls to enjoy a splendid view of the rooftops, alleyways, tower-houses, churches and marvelous noble palaces, and then go to the historic center where you will admire the Piazza Anfiteatro, the Torre Guinigi, the Cathedral of San Martino and the typical Antique Street.

Day 5

Visit to the City of Venice

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY - Venice, the Serenissima, is a unique city in the world: every time you visit it, it seems to be suspended between reality and magic.
Walking in the various "neighborhoods", you want to get lost by following its winding canals... you can be accompanied by an Authorized Tourist Guide that will take us to the majestic St. Mark's Square with the splendid Basilica, the Ducal Palace, the Campanile and the Clock Tower, without forgetting to look out onto the Grand Canal with its elegant palaces, to cross the famous Rialto Bridge, the only passage on the Canal until the middle of the 19th century, and the Bridge of Sighs that connects the Doge's Palace with The Prison Palace and is named after European romantic poets imagining the last sigh of prisoners.
Visit to a Mask Maker — San Polo’s narrow lanes are a good place to look for the shops that make the elaborate carnival masks, where you can usually watch the mask-makers at work.

If the scheduling is right, kids and adults can learn the art themselves and take home a mask of their own design.

Day 6

Visit the Glass-Blowing Island of Murano

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY - Visit the Glass-Blowing Island of Murano – Sure all the tourists do it, but it would be a shame to miss watching these skilled artists turn blobs of molten glass into delicate vases and figures. It’s also the place to buy bright strings of beads at half the price of the shops and street vendors in the city.

Day 7

Visit to the City of Milan.

RECOMMENDED ITINERARY - Milan, Italy's most cosmopolitan and glamorous city undoubtedly deserves a visit to appreciate the artwork and architecture it cares.
First of all, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can admire Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "L'Ultima Cena". Then you can visit the Teatro della Scala, one of the most famous opera theaters in the world, the Duomo with its façade of pink marble and a history that dates to 1386. In this ancient cathedral are intricate passageways. If only the walls could talk . The tour includes the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a four-story double shopping arcade dating to 1861.
Learn about its architecture and interesting history, while you browse the specialty boutiques for designer labels. Your children will be delighted with a visit to the medieval Piazza Mercanti, or Merchants’ Square. In the Loggia, you’ll discover an intriguing way to whisper secrets to one another.

Day 8 - Departure

Transfer to Milan Airport.


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